Care & Treatment

Comprehensive cancer care is at the heart of the Cancer Center.

The Cancer Center of Santa Barbara is committed to a multidisciplinary approach to the treatment of cancer and to the care of cancer patients. Treatment plans are designed for the specific medical, psychological, social and logistical needs of each patient and providing this level of care requires a comprehensive team of expert medical professionals.

Our Medical and Radiation Oncologists meet regularly with their colleagues from Pathology, Radiology and Surgery to engage in meaningful discussion with a goal of developing the best treatment plan for each patient. Patients benefit from the collective knowledge of multiple medical professionals, all experts in specific areas. 

Our Clinical Support and Supportive Care teams comprised of genetic counselors, patient navigators, registered dietitian nutritionists, clinical researchers, nurses, social workers and wellness practitioners work together to provide the advanced, coordinated and compassionate care that patients in our community have come to expect.

Our diverse and talented team of physicians and staff care deeply for the patients and families we serve, and are committed to using every resource available to understand each patient’s unique cancer journey.