Amblin' for a cure

Walk/Run 2012

                                                                                         September 1, 2012

Hi friends and family,

  As an 81-year-old two time survivor of breast cancer, I’m excited to be preparing again for the Cancer Center of Santa Barbara’s Walk/ Run on October 14.  Last year, in the crowd of over 800, there were 14 of us in our lime green t-shirts proclaiming, in deference to my slow pace: “Amblin’ for the Cure.”   Our team raised over $2000 in 2011; this year, I hope to double that – let’s go for $4,000 to help the Cancer Center continue their great work.

 I can remember what a frightening time it was when I was diagnosed – I didn’t even know what questions to ask, there was fear concerning the outcome and how difficult the treatment would be.  That was 18 years ago for my first cancer and 8 years ago for my second.  The Cancer Center of Santa Barbara helped me walk through the tough times; now I would like to keep walking for them in the good times.  The doctors, technologists, nurses and staff were thoughtful, compassionate and helpful throughout my diagnosis, surgery, radiation, chemotherapy, and thankfully to recovery.  Both my family and I were so impressed with how they treated not just the disease but the whole person – making sure we had the information we needed, knew of the resources available in Santa Barbara and beyond, plus giving amazing encouragement to keep a positive attitude. 

 It looks as if several members of my family will be able to join with me on October 14 and we again are calling ourselves: Amblin’ for the Cure.  Please consider joining our team as we walk a bit over three miles of the beautiful Montecito area.  If walking is not your thing, you can also hop, skip or run.  Or consider making a donation in support of the research done at the Cancer Center of Santa Barbara.   100% of the proceeds will be utilized to benefit adults and children facing cancer and help move us forward in finding a cure.

 It’s simple to sign up or make a contribution or, on the website for the Cancer Center of Santa Barbara, you can click on the large box on the right hand side of the page announcing Walk/Run which takes you to a page where you can “select a team.” Again, we are “Amblin’ for a Cure” and I hope you will join us!  

 I am also attaching a flyer that gives dates and times for training each Tuesday afternoon until the day of the walk. 

Thanks for considering helping, 

Harriet Burke

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