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FAQ: Wellness Programs

What are Integrated (or Complementary) Therapies?
Integrated or Complementary Therapies are individual treatments that are used in addition to (or as a complement to) traditional cancer treatment such as chemotherapy and radiation. Yoga, healing touch and nutrition are a few of the complementary therapies we offer through the Wellness Program at the Cancer Center of Santa Barbara. When patients integrate these therapies into their medical and surgical care, they can often create a more comprehensive treatment plan and enhance their ability to regain health and vitality.
What if I don't know where to begin?
Our qualified Wellness staff is here to help you answer that question. Please contact the Wellness Program Assistant at (805) 898-2204 to learn more about our wellness and complementary care services. We can help you identify which ones best suit your situation and fulfill your individual needs.
Who is eligible to participate in the Wellness classes and activities?
The Wellness Program is open to anyone currently in or recovering from recent cancer treatment, regardless of where they receive medical care. Many find the classes and activities helpful both during and after treatment as a way to manage symptoms, reduce stress and enhance recovery. Family members and caregivers of current patients are also welcome in many programs.
How much do the programs cost?
All of the Cancer Center's Wellness classes and services are currently provided free of charge.
Do I need a physician referral?
No, you do not need a physician referral to participate in our programs, but you are strongly encouraged to inform your healthcare provider(s) about any activities in which you engage.
What do I need to bring with me?
You simply need to bring yourself. Whether joining an art or yoga class, all of the necessary supplies and equipment are provided for you.
Are all the classes offered on a drop-in basis? Which require appointments or pre-registration?
Unless otherwise noted, most of the classes are offered on an on-going, drop-in basis so that people can come whenever and as often as they want or need. Registration is required before attending the laughter, poetry and Well-fit groups. Appointments are needed for healing touch, nutrition counseling and glider rides. For more information, call (805) 898-2204.
Do I need to notify the Wellness staff about whether or not I plan to attend?
Unless pre-registration or an appointment is required, notification is not necessary. If you need to cancel or reschedule a healing touch or nutrition counseling appointment, please call (805) 898-2204. Advanced notice is appreciated.

If you have a question that has not been answered, contact the Wellness department at (805) 898-2204 or email wellness@ccsb.org.

If your question wasn’t answered, please call 805-682-7300.