Basic Science Research

Basic science research is the first step in the long process leading to advances in cancer treatments. Today’s anti-cancer drugs exist thanks to laboratory research begun years ago. The Cancer Center of Santa Barbara continues to support basic science research through its post-doctoral fellowship, which funds promising young scientists at the University of California, Santa Barbara. Since 1997, eleven post-doctoral fellows have been awarded funding. During the past decade, this seed money has resulted in more than five million dollars in subsequent federal grant awards.

In addition to the post-doctoral fellowship, the Cancer Center strives to foster the young careers of tomorrow’s scientific leaders by participating in the UCSB Research Mentorship Program. Beginning in 2007, the Cancer Center will offer two scholarships to local high school students applying to the Research Mentorship Program. This six-week summer program provides highly motivated high school students with the opportunity to join UCSB graduate students and their principal investigators as they carry out cutting-edge research.