Radiation Oncology

The Department of Radiation Oncology at the Cancer Center of Santa Barbara is recognized as among the most sophisticated on the West Coast. Our highly skilled medical professionals and innovative technology attracts patients from the entire Central Coast area. To provide patients with the individualized attention they need, our staff is experienced in the most advanced approaches to treatment. In addition, we offer technologically superior facilities to provide the best care possible. To effectively treat many different types of cancer, the Cancer Center's Radiation Oncology Department offers a wide range of capabilities including standard external beam radiation therapy, stereotactic radiosurgery, and high dose rate brachytherapy. The medical specialty of radiation therapy has always depended on technology to treat cancer patients. Therefore, the Cancer Center will continue to carefully evaluate new technology and upgrade or add equipment which holds significant promise.

Our patients sometimes receive other treatments such as chemotherapy, hormone therapy or surgery, as well as radiation therapy. To ensure the best possible outcome, this multidisciplinary approach requires collaboration and coordination among the specialists on a patient's treatment team. During your first visit, you will meet with your radiation oncologist, who may then consult with any other specialists as necessary, before your treatment begins to determine the best course of action. In addition, other members of the Cancer Center’s Support Services Department may be brought in to better help you successfully manage your treatment.

The major goal of radiation therapy is to maximize curing cancer while maintaining optimal organ function and quality of life. Because each patient's case presents unique challenges and requires individualized attention, we urge you to consult your radiation oncologist about which treatment plan is best for you.

All of our radiation therapy services take place at our 300 West Pueblo Street location.

To learn more about radiation oncology, see our Radiation Oncology overview or visit our FAQ page.